Such a lovely photo submitted by a fan. 
No credits were given with the post, so I am assuming it’s them. 
If it’s not could, then credits to whomever’s it is. 

Sorry I’ve not posted much here for a while. Life, you know! 

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southernfriedawesomesauce asked "Girls with fox tails please? I can never find a good place to explore with plenty of tails...I guess the fetish isn't as big as I thought."

So nice to see someone with similar interests. Tails are amazing honey.

I honestly haven’t done much with this blog in a long while. But if I find any thing i shall endeavour to put them out there. 

In the mean time, you see anything, feel free to submit it. <3 

-Love, the tail girl 


Sleepy Neko

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More kitten gorgeous from Michael Manning-blazing hot!

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i can’t believe we have tailbones but no tails

like seriously where the fuck is my tail i want a fucking tail

also wings

Meow. Yes pls.

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Yay tail! :3

My new tail ^_^

Lovely submission from a fan <3 

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